About Us

We are an Argentinian based company committed to Male Personal Care, dedicated to Sustainability.

We are parents, children, brothers & friends, born and raised in Argentina. We make Natural and Sustainable Grooming & Personal Care Products for men.

We are Sustainability Activists, Industrial Designers and Branding Experts gathered in the causality of working every day in the dissemination of a new form of Conscious Industrial Production.

We do it for men who want to take care of themselves, look more handsome and healthy while promoting cultural transformation of them and their families / friends in raising awareness about the ways of producing and consuming, to accelerate collective social change against the indiscriminate use of resources and the planned obsolescence.

Natural Products

We are committed to search and use natural alternatives and plant based ingreidents for all our products, thus replacing animal or oil derivatives.

Vegetarian / Cruelty Free

We do not use animal fats in our products since vegetable derivates always provide a better and healthier solution for humans and our planet.

All of the horse bristles that we use in our products are 100% natural. We manually select them during the breeding process, when the best Argentine Polo horses have their hair cut done (100% cruelty free).


The completion of all our products by hand provide an undeniable warmth, making all of them a unique piece.

Bio Degradable

We are seriously committed to the reduction of single-use materials that are not biodegradable and discard reduction. For this reason, we consciously select the raw material that we use in our packaging and containers, ensuring that we don’t generate waste. Natural cosmetics are also 100% biodegradable.

Reclaimed Wood

We only use local woods that were discarded from the industrial production of furniture and we reclaim them in order to make our products. Our team selects the pieces one by one to guarantee an unbeatable quality.

Argentine Recognition of Good Design

Due to our strong passion for exceptional design, we are proud to own this recognition for our products and communication in 2018.